Thursday, December 10, 2009

edible architecture

Last year we challenged some of Vancouver's top Architects and Designers to reinvision the traditional typology of the gingerbread house. The competition was a candy-filled homage to The Case Study House Program organized by Arts and Architecture Magazine from 1945 to 1964. We asked the entrants to do away with ubiquitous veneer of jujubes and smarties in an effort to re-interpret the gingerbread house within a modern context. The results were outstanding!

There were 10 appetizing submissions from some of Vancouver's finest Design firms,
here are my top 3 most palatable.

busby perkins + will
title: candy bar

Teams are invited to either make models replicating existing architectural gems, or come up with an original design.
The base must be a max. of 16”x16”, with a maximum height of 16”.
The vast majority of the house must be constructed of gingerbread and be edible (i.e. no glue!).
All non-edible materials must be clearly visible.

UBC SALA - Mary Rose Drescher
title: sugar coated

complete with graffiti

material expression
consideration of landscape
use of lighting

Nick Milkovich Architects
title: sugar shack

Monday, November 23, 2009

take off eh - spanning Canadian water part 3

An update from last months post...."bridges eh - spanning canadian waters part 2"
The CMLC (Calgary Municipal Land Corporation) with public consultation
has selected 3 of the 37 original proposals to move into next stage of development.

out of the 37 submissions 2 of my top 5 made the CMLC's shortlist of 3.
and the bridges are....

my pick to win
submission #29
RFR (Paris, France) and Halsall (Calgary)
This design appears to grow from the banks of the river, skipping across the surface effortlessly from shore to shore.

Submission #15
my second choice
ARUP with Falco Schmitt Architects (London, UK)

Submission #17
Buckland and Taylor LTD. (Vancouver) and Kitchell Architecture and Design (Victoria BC)

Congratulations to Victoria's
kitchell - architecture + design for making the top 3

last months post here

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Frank Llyod Wright - Fireplaces

“The hearth is the psychological center of the home.” Frank Lloyd Wright

as the mercury plummets and the days are left short. there is no better way to spend an evening then to curl up to a fire. and what better fire place to cosy up to then those of Frank Llyod Wright.

Monday, November 9, 2009

ecologically inspired art - animal wall

animal wall - a site-specific ecological artwork by Gitta Gschwendtner

"Animal Wall" is part of a 50 metre long wall, running along the south-western edge of ‘Strata’, a new residential development in Century Wharf, Cardiff Bay.

Through consultation with an ecologist, four different sized animal homes have been developed, which have been integrated into a custom-made woodcrete cladding to provide an architecturally stunning and environmentally sensitive wall for Century Wharf. The animal wall also transcends the barrier between the private and the public, with the wildlife roaming freely between the two areas. via safle

Artist Gitta Gschwendtner said: “Following the decline of the natural habitat in Cardiff Bay over recent years, I was very interested in exploring ways to introduce nesting places in my artwork for Century Wharf. I have loved the opportunity to match the number of flats created in the housing development with the number of bird and bat boxes in my design for the Animal Wall.” Century Wharf’s architect, Jonathan Vining of WYG Planning & Design, said: “It has been a real pleasure collaborating with Gitta on this project and her site-specific design not only helps to enhance Century Wharf’s already strong sense of place, but also provides a modern echo of William Burges’s animal wall at Bute Park just up the river.”

Friday, October 30, 2009

bridges eh - spanning canadian waters part 2

conceptual design competition - st. patricks bridge, calgary

CMLC [Calgary Municipal Land Corporation ] has been charged with the responsibility of implementing public infrastructure improvements that will be the catalyst for private and public sector development in the Rivers District with a focus on East Village. The design and construction of a pedestrian/bicycle bridge - St. Patrick’s Bridge - is an important component of the infrastructure improvements in the Rivers District. CMLC has initiated a competitive process for the conceptual design of the pedestrian/bicycle bridge which crosses the Bow River and provides crucial links between the communities on the north and south of its banks with city attractions, amenities and pathway systems." Source: Nicolas Marier

There were 35 submissions, here are my top 5.

RFR (Paris, France) and Halsall (Calgary)

ARUP North America Ltd. (San Francisco, CA) and Kasian architecture and Interior Design and Planning ltd. (Calgary)

Endres Ware (Berkley, CA) and Amman & Whitney

ARUP with Falco Schmitt Architects (London, UK)

thank you to my mate Andrew G at
DeJong Design Associates Ltd. for forwarding me the competition details.
see below for the proposal prepared by DeJong + KTA Structural Engineers (Calgary)

For a closer look at all 35 submissions please visit the
Calgary Municipal Land Corporation