Monday, March 29, 2010

Between Art and Landscape: Roberto Burle Marx (1909-94)

Roberto Burle Marx was Brazil's most influential landscape artists and is internationally recognized as the "creator of the modern garden".
A painter, designer and self taught botanist, Burle Marx treated the landscape as a living work of art.

Burle Marx's tapestries, on view at Paco Imperial museum

Garden Design Seanz Pena Square, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1948

Garden Design Plan, Duque de Caxias Square Rio de Janeiro 1948

Site Plan of Ibrirapuera Park Project, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1953

Detail 5, Ibrirapuera Park Project, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1953

Just a few of Burle Marx's realized works

Brazil's Civic Square

Terrace garden rio de Janeiro


A passionate proponent of Brazillian native flora and fauna Burle Marx is also recognized for his discovery of some thirteen plants that bear his name, see my 5 selected below.

Heliconia hirsuta 'Burle Marx'

Calathea burle-marxii

Neoregelia burle-marxii

Philodendron 'Burle-Marx'

Begonia 'Burle Marx'

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parisian photograffeur JR

The work of Parisian photographer and street artist JR

"Women are Heroes"
Here JR visits the slums of Kenya where he covered 2000m2 of rooftops with the images of the women who live there.

JR at the Tate Modern London

Rio de Janiero


Ile Saint-Louis, Paris

for more JR visit

great interview with JR here via The Guardian

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

art made by walking in landscapes. photographs of sculptures made along the way. walks made into text works.

"Art as a formal and holistic description of the real space and experience of landscape and its most elemental materials" Richard Long. Artist.

Cornish Slate Cross
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 2007

Furth of Forth Mud Arc
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 2007

England 1968

White Chapel Slate Circle
White Chapel Art Gallery London 1981

Five Paths
New Art Centre Roche Court England 2002

River Po Line
Italy 2001

Hemisphere Circle
Tokyo 1968

Six Paths
Dialogue: Richard Long / Jivya Soma Mashe
Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf 2003

Walking a Line in Peru 1972

Stone Line
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 2007

Interesting article here with Long via the

Monday, March 1, 2010

bastion square parkade

The Bastion Square Parkade has recently added a series of native plant profiles to each of its parking levels.

Each level contains a circular panel which includes an image with the latin and common name of the chosen plant species.

This is a great educational tool for the public but why stop at simple signage.....why not increase urban biodiversity, see below for a street level sketch of my green facade concept.