Tuesday, March 9, 2010

art made by walking in landscapes. photographs of sculptures made along the way. walks made into text works.

"Art as a formal and holistic description of the real space and experience of landscape and its most elemental materials" Richard Long. Artist.

Cornish Slate Cross
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 2007

Furth of Forth Mud Arc
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 2007

England 1968

White Chapel Slate Circle
White Chapel Art Gallery London 1981

Five Paths
New Art Centre Roche Court England 2002

River Po Line
Italy 2001

Hemisphere Circle
Tokyo 1968

Six Paths
Dialogue: Richard Long / Jivya Soma Mashe
Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf 2003

Walking a Line in Peru 1972

Stone Line
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh 2007

Richard long.org
Interesting article here with Long via the Telegraph.co.uk


  1. These are just amazing pictures and works of art

  2. I like this Christian! I'm in Ethiopia where we have some pretty impressive straight lines in the bush, also man made but they were made by oil companies conducting seismic tests. Not art, at least not intentonally!

  3. Maybe we can learn from natural landscape form to have beautiful idea for our garden. Great posting, I will link to you soon. Thanks

  4. I like your landscape, your design I think is about same level with Burle Marx if not better. I'm a Landscape Architect graduated from Leeds England and now practicing in Malaysia and my blog is agrobiosolution, may be we can share ideas.