Monday, March 1, 2010

bastion square parkade

The Bastion Square Parkade has recently added a series of native plant profiles to each of its parking levels.

Each level contains a circular panel which includes an image with the latin and common name of the chosen plant species.

This is a great educational tool for the public but why stop at simple signage.....why not increase urban biodiversity, see below for a street level sketch of my green facade concept.


  1. Your sketch is absolutely beautiful man ! You can frame this baby and put is in a gallery... Nice Work..

    Brian T. Stratton | New Jersey Landscape Architect and Designer NJ

  2. Excellent, we call that EVASION in french. The best way to come back to the nature. Listen it. We forgot that in our modern civilisation.

  3. Please, let the powers that be, make this happen! Awesome concept and would do so much for the dt core.