Monday, March 29, 2010

Between Art and Landscape: Roberto Burle Marx (1909-94)

Roberto Burle Marx was Brazil's most influential landscape artists and is internationally recognized as the "creator of the modern garden".
A painter, designer and self taught botanist, Burle Marx treated the landscape as a living work of art.

Burle Marx's tapestries, on view at Paco Imperial museum

Garden Design Seanz Pena Square, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1948

Garden Design Plan, Duque de Caxias Square Rio de Janeiro 1948

Site Plan of Ibrirapuera Park Project, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1953

Detail 5, Ibrirapuera Park Project, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1953

Just a few of Burle Marx's realized works

Brazil's Civic Square

Terrace garden rio de Janeiro


A passionate proponent of Brazillian native flora and fauna Burle Marx is also recognized for his discovery of some thirteen plants that bear his name, see my 5 selected below.

Heliconia hirsuta 'Burle Marx'

Calathea burle-marxii

Neoregelia burle-marxii

Philodendron 'Burle-Marx'

Begonia 'Burle Marx'


  1. Please credit the images of Brazil's Civic Square as
    The right name of the square is Praça dos Cristais and the authors were Roberto Burle Marx + Haruyoshi Ono + José Tabacow
    Check this out:
    Gustavo Hiriart / Leonardo Finotti Studio

  2. Thank you for this post. My wife used the information in her midterm project. Burle Marks was landscape genius.

  3. The picture of that round park saying "Brazil".. can anybody tell me the name of this park?

  4. That picture is actually the rotunda in Hollywood Florida.