Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Victoria's Urban Fabric

As part of a follow up to January's successful post, Landscape Fabric, I thought a mass and void study of Victoria's downtown core was long overdue.

Downtown Victoria / Johnson Street Bridge
Victoria mass + void study by Christian Barnard

Does Victoria's urban space work for you?
If not what would you like to see improved?
Where do you live and how do you feel about the design of your city's public space?
What makes a city's urban space work?


  1. Being removed from Victoria for almost 10 years, I miss things; the Galloping Goose, Mt. Doug, Thetis Lake, Arbutus and Garry Oaks, and my little bungalow on Blinkensop.

    The city is not large enough to make getting around (if you even need to) a hastle.

    Living and working in the same area, makes life easier, and I am recognizing the benefits.

    Can you tell I hate commuting?

  2. Than master plan look like a field plan along the Nil in Egypt, or my imagination is as fertile as that land.
    I live in Kuwait, a typical 20-century idiotic master planning design by professional car lovers, sponsored by Mc Donald and Meqa. Today in my neighborhood they were crashing down 50 years old huge trees and palm trees all over the place (trees are rare in the desert!) because an idiot somewhere in a municipality need to do something to justified his salary and to make the news paper speak about his cleaning decision. He want to street greenfree with piles of cars and slam type car shade . in that part of the world , environment , nature , protection, respect as no meaning yet (I would say any more) …..No comment!

  3. Very cool, I really like these posts. The idea of looking at streetmaps as fabric patterns is such a great concept!

    I think Victoria works for me, I like coming downtown for work and escaping at home in the more rural area. Downtown is great for energy and heritage though.

    The only improvements I think are needed is just cleaner streets/sidewalks and safer feeling parking lots. I know everyone deserves shelter or a place to live but there are a lot of unpleasant personalities and let's say "transactions" happening out in the open of public spaces.

  4. Cool mass and void cbls! Really insightful to how your city operates.

  5. I agree with Echo completely. We also need to remove all that visual pollution around the city aka mattress sculpture, tulip sculpture and the arena sculpture - they will be better in a recycling bin.

  6. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.