Monday, June 29, 2009

Vertical Farming Concepts 2

Feasting on my garden's summer crop of berries, beans and greens has me thinking about the future of our food again. The ability to propagate, plant, cultivate and harvest ones own food is truly a moving experience and I consider it a privilege to have the land and knowledge to do so. In my opinion the disconnection that has been created between how and where are food is produced has shortened in the last 2 years. This reconnection to the land has many advocates including the ones below who are helping us conceptualise the future of urban agriculture.

Charlotte Avignon Architect

Eco Laboratory by Weber Thompson

Vertical Farming Concepts courtesy of


  1. So clever and stylish!

  2. Unfortunately all this inventions in the industrialized cultures are of no interest to
    the population in general on one hand. On the other, forgetting the overpopulated third world, without any food, water, electricity, will make the first a philanthropic enterprise.
    Why? The ONU is always sending observers to see how they kill each other, as in the Congo.
    The destruction of most of the earth, will make all this technology, vision, creation useless as in the movie Soylent Green.