Saturday, October 3, 2009

johnson street and other bridges of note

The bridges in this posting are the creations of Wilkinson Eyre Architects, the firm responsible for the Johnson Street Bridge replacement project.

Nescio Bridge

The 790m long Nesciobrug crosses the Rhine Canal in Amsterdam, enabling pedestrians and cyclists to travel to and from the city's newly reclaimed suburb of IJburg.

As Holland’s first suspension bridge, the Nesciobrug shows what is possible with modern structural design.

Cyclists and pedestrians follow fluent, curving alignments, supported by a minimal system of cables and masts.

Bridge of Aspiration

Twisting above Floral Street in Covent Garden, the Bridge of Aspiration provides the dancers of the Royal Ballet School with a direct link to the Grade 1 listed Royal Opera House.

This award-winning design features a spectacular concertina of 23 square portals with glazed intervals supported from an aluminum spine.

These rotate in sequence for the skew in alignment, performing a quarter-turn overall along the length of the bridge.The result is an elegant intervention high above the street, which evokes the fluidity and grace of dance.

Living Bridge
University of Limerick, Ireland

"The span arrangement is a pragmatic response to the founding opportunities within the river, placing piers on the river banks wooded islands and pooled edges. The deck width 'pulses' along its length, offering wider platforms to be used as resting places or spaces for public art." via Wilkinson Eyre

Johnson Street Bridge replacement proposal
Victoria BC, Canada

In 1924 , the Johnson Street Bridge was built to span Victoria’s Harbour.
The current blue bridge design was by The Strauss Bascule Company Limited,
who later went on to construct the Golden Gate Bridge.

existing structure

proposal renderings for Johnson street bridge replacement project

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  1. Very cool! I also heard that the original Johnson Street bridge was designed to look like two horses which it kind of does from the side!

    Thanks for all the info!