Friday, January 29, 2010

return of landscape

“Landscape must become the law.”

exhibition Berlin Germany - 13.03.2010 - 30.05.2010
Such was the call, made as early as 1959, by the landscape architect Walter Rossow in the face of rapidly increasing water pollution and destruction of the environment.

Fifty years later his call is more relevant than ever: The urban over-exploitation of the countryside is causing environmental problems of unimaginable magnitude world-wide - and the concepts involved are familiar: climate change, water shortage, food shortages and the disappearance of species.

Urban sustainability must be conceived in a larger, more comprehensive way. The city of the twenty-first century must be developed from the landscape. But, in this process, the landscape must be seen as more than just a supplier of material resources; it must be strengthened, too, in its significance as an aesthetic and emotional living space.

The Akademie der Künste in Berlin is placing these topics at the centre of the large, interdisciplinary exhibition Return of Landscape.

Among other subjects, the exhibition will feature a comparative juxtaposition of the world’s two most artificial cities: Las Vegas (see photo; credit: Alex S. MacLean for Akademie der Künste, 2009) and Venice.

The following offices will be presenting their work: Shlomo Aronson Landscape Architects, Jerusalem; Astoc, Cologne; RMP, Bonn; Batlle i Roig, Barcelona; Workshop: Ken Smith Landscape Architect, New York; Studio Boeri, Milan; Turenscape, Peking; Atelier Corajoud, Paris; Kiefer, Berlin; Kienle, Stuttgart; Lohrberg, Stuttgart, and Venturi, Venice.


  1. The picture you have of the tract homes is a funny reminder of my past. I used to work for a landscape architecture company in Orange County and I remember for each tract project the planting legend was the same. I call it cookie cutter not even remotely sustainable attempt at quickly designing landscapes. haha

  2. The terms scene and scenery are inadequate descriptions of landscape. With its roots in the theatre where a scene describes a portion of a play, so a scene can describe a portion of a landscape.Nice Article

  3. I so love the images you posted... I love landscape and I also have a lot of collections of pictures of them at home. The images are really soothing to the mind. Nice article also! Kudos!

  4. Great pictures. Where have the photo of lighthouse been taken? It looks like 3d render.

  5. First photo confirms that urbanization can also become a great landscape.