Monday, December 13, 2010

storm water management victoria bc

Have a look at architects Marceau Evans Johnson's example of stormwater management and aquifer recharge at L'ecole Brodeur in Esquimalt Victoria BC. This project was completed in 2007 and I have been waiting to see how it would handle a serious rainfall. Well we had one last weekend as nearly 10inches of rain fell on Vancouver Island in roughly 24 hrs. See images below to view how this natural drainage system handled this short and intense level of precipitation.

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  1. as a resident of esquimalt i always wondered what the purpose of the 'dip' in the landscape at the back of the school was. now i know!
    thanks christian

  2. Graham GiddenDecember 14, 2010

    It looks like they need some vegetation planted to keep those slopes from slumping.

  3. Most advanced methods of storm water managements are soakaways or by attenuation. Both these methods are extensively utilized to reduce flood risks by dramatically adding sustainability of building schemes. The infiltration system is insufficiently permeable that allow water to infiltrate away naturally.