Monday, January 12, 2009

landscape fabric

I have a serious infatuation with any type of detailed drawings, urban planning and contour maps. I especially enjoyed these mass and void studies of major cities. Each metropolitan area has its own unique fabric sewn into the landscape. Like an article of clothing the fabric reveals insight to the cities personality.

The Mayfair and Soho districts south of Oxford Street

La Ramblas is the main north south promenade

New York
Mid town Manhattan south of Central Park

San Fransisco
Market St splits the central city into two grids

City features a car-free zone called the Stroget

Between Queen and College Street east of Bathhurst

East of the river Tiber that points to the Vatican

Visuals courtesy of spacing toronto


  1. Those would make great fabrics Christian - Cool concept!

  2. love these visuals!

  3. Christian your comment box is off today????

  4. oh.. looks like it is sorted! Anyway...Thought provoking post cbls, keep it up.

  5. great for clothes, rugs, upolstry, tatoos.
    do it!

  6. This fabric would be great stretched on a frame...I also have a thing for maps :)

    As kids, my sister and I would look at world maps for hours...remember those encyclopedia days?

    I especially love nautical charts...used ones are great!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. This is a very interesting subject. I live in San Francisco and recognized the grid even before I saw the caption. Some of the grids are so even and straight-lined while others are definitely less so. Thanks for sharing this perspective!

    Karen O.

  8. I happen to stumble on your blog through reading posts from The Sartorialist and think this perspective of city grids is quite beautiful! Can't wait to read more of your posts!

  9. Are these from Allan Jacobs's book? His figure-grounds are fantastic. Found you via Pruned.