Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Furnishing the garden

bench concept - model 1
Furniture in the garden is very important and is often overlooked. Carefully placed, a seat, bench or covered space offers refuge, and if you are an avid gardener like myself, a place to stop working and reflect. It is usually difficult to source quality furnishings that will work in our coastal context, which is why designing my own seemed obvious. I am currently working with local craftsmen to create the first prototype.

The seats aesthetic will work in a modern and traditional setting

-reclaimed oak seat slats
-ductal arches

Ductal is a revolutionary, ultra-high performance material that provides strength, ductility, durability and aesthetic flexibility.

furniture concept and visuals created by Christian Barnard


  1. cool concept and presentation Christian

  2. Very nice, and your drawings are beautiful as always!

  3. I remember this piece from your website. You need to sell them at Only Human (hint! hint! Christina):)

  4. Christian,
    I want to know more about this ductal.

  5. Beauitful piece that would add to any garden without taking away from its natural beauty which is the most important.

  6. I just love those benches. I can see them in parks everywhere!

  7. great job christian, your bench is perfect for our coastal setting...and the primary colour theme gives it a contemporary edge.

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