Monday, April 27, 2009

Compost as Muse

Born in New York, New York, 17 February 1939 John Pfahl has been creating photographs for the past 30 years that in my opinion illustrate the potential and fragility of nature. Pfahl's portfolio includes photograph series with titles such as Extreme Horticulture, Altered landscapes and Arcadia Revisited. Although more light hearted than his other works, for me "The Very Rich Hours of a Compost Pile" offers intimacy and insight into the artist's life and work.

The Very Rich Hours of a Compost Pile
"My compost pile, situated in a hidden corner of the garden, constantly changes with the passing months. The rich efflorescence of rotting vegetable matter creates a day book of both the memorable and mundane meals that grace my table." John Pfahl

corn and pinto beans

frozen peas

honeydew and slug

orange peels and fennel


swiss chard in snow

watermelon rinds

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  1. Those images totally remind me the dutch paintings of Rembrandt and Van Dick.

    Really cool!