Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vintage Printed Matter

This book has been in my library for as long as I can remember. It continues to act as a brilliant conversation piece and I can only hope in its earlier years, the considered content provided its owner with a new respect for the local flora and fauna.

The Author + Illustrater C.P lyons, was born in the prairies but made his home in Victoria BC. The book was originally published in 1952 and the copy you are looking at was revised and published in 1965.

The book is filled with author illustrated captions of our native vegetation.
Also included in the hand rendered detailed botanical drawings is the tall man in the hat, for scale of course.


  1. I guess now gardening is height tech. but books are charming any way !
    My brilliant conversation books are: 1950's marabou-flash about how to write a letter, and the good manners for young ladies. An other kind of horticulture, master pieces !!

  2. Cute post :) I feel like my great-grandmother had this book or at least one that looked very similar, I remember looking at it when I was very young.

    I love blog posts about treasured items, it lets us look into a little piece of the writers life outside of their blog.

  3. I have always love the plants latin names - perhaps because I needed to memorize so many of them in my etymology classes back in University.

    One day I will have a store or a restaurant with a latin name - so many I need to start thinking on that.

    Happy Easter! Mr.

    Hey I have a magazine for you in my desk - next time you are by the studio stop by and I can give it to you.