Monday, December 8, 2008

where ideas are born

Freehand sketches are essential for solidifying ideas in the early stages of the design process; where ideas are born. Putting these concepts on paper inspires the designer. Lines remind us of new opportunities, and offer creative solutions that cannot be foreseen. Since drawing plays such an integral role in my work I thought it would be interesting to share some of my work with my readers. The top 4 drawings reveal just a few of the many steps in the design process beginning with the concept sketch. The bottom section exhibits fun and exploratory drawings done in my spare time.

concept sketch and its evolution

Step 1 - Sketch

Step 2 - review

Step 3 -revise

The ability to produce quick on site sketches for clients can also be a great visual presentation aid

Sketch to explore new concepts and


  1. I love your sketches. You should frame and sell them (I will buy one ;) )

  2. Thank you for your the inspiring post Christian.

  3. Maybe an online auction for the forest sketch?

  4. I agree wholeheartedly about the role and use of hand drawing and sketching for design thinking. I am an artist and landscape designer out of philadelphia, specializing in the reuse of materials in new construction. Please visit I also have a blog that exhibits my sketch practice:
    Great work. I really appreciate the sharing of your design process. -Tobiah Horton

  5. These are beautiful Christian, I love seeing concept sketches it's almost like you can see the wheels in the artist's head turning as they put their ideas on paper as quickly as possible!