Friday, December 12, 2008

Illuminated landscapes

With the dark days of winter settling in I wanted to bring my readers some much needed light with two very cool International lighting installations, and if that doesn't lift your mood why not purchase your own from the Sculptural Exterior Lighting Top 5.

Installation No.1
Location: Cornwall UK
Designer: Bruce Munro

Field of Light can be seen at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK from 1st November 2008 - 31 March 2009 . Located on the grass roof of the visitor’s centre some 6,000 acrylic stems, through which fibre optic cables run, are each crowned with a clear glass sphere and carefully placed.

Installation No. 2
Project: Wind to Light
Location: Southbank Centre, London UK
Designer: Jason Bruges Studio

Collaboration with OneDotZero and Light Lab for Architecture Week 2007. This experimental site-specific installation illustrates alternative sustainable ways of harnessing energy that will explore the power of the wind in the city. The installation is custom built using 500 mini wind turbines to generate power which illuminates hundreds of mounted LEDS. Bruges work illustrates the simplicity and directness of wind power and its potential; literally and symbolically closing the gap between power generation and consumption.

Sculptural Exterior Lighting -Top 5

No. 1
Manufacturer: DAB, Barcelona, Spain
Designer: Josep Lluis Xucla
Materials: Metal structure. Available in silver or rust.

Empty is a sculpture, a seat and an indirect light source. This is a very innovative product  out of Spain that would work really well in the west coast context. Their website is really interesting as is their other products so have a look.

available through cblstudio

Manufacturer: 4d designs
Designer: Michae Radford
Materials: laser cut steel

These lighting structures create a permanent illuminated sculptural feature ideal for any outdoor environment. This product was designed with the environment in mind as Koivu is easily dissasembled for recycling.

available through cblstudio

No. 3
Energy Bucket
Manufacturer: Stephano Merlo
Designer: Stephano Merlo
Materials: Solar panelling, moulded resin

Energy Bucket is a progressive product that comes from the need in the past to collect potable water at the well using buckets. Energy Bucket requires exposure under solar light to recharge (using the solar panels on top), and it can be carried anywhere to illuminate the night.

Energy bucket
available through cblstudio

Manufacturer: Artemide
Designer: Klause Begasse
Materials: cast aluminium grey base, fibreglass diffusers. 

Slim luminous stems move with the slightest breeze, creating a poetic dance of light. Inserted into a circular base are 7 thin, light, flexible fibreglass stems; fitted to the end of each of these is a white LED, which illuminates the upper part of each stem. Available as single, 3- or 5-piece units. One white LED in each fibreglass “reed”.

available through cblstudio

No. 5
Manufacturer: Northern Lighting
Designer: Trond Svengard and Ove Rogne
Material: Translucent poly-resin

If none of the products above have lifted your spirit then surely Moo by Norwegian company Northern Lighting will. This full scale moose head would makes a great conversation piece in any Canadian setting. With its durable poly resin coat Moo functions as well outside as it does in.

Available through cblstudio


  1. Love the 3/4 cube lighting - they are so cool !

  2. I love the 3/4 cube lights - They are so cool!

  3. I LOVE exterior lighting, it totally makes a difference, great post topic!

    I love the look of "empty" and think that the moose head is quirky and fun too!

  4. love the southbank project by jbrugestudio, cool post cb.

  5. moo is so much fun! I am a canadian born, british based architect, and when I saw this piece I knew I had to have it for my flat to remind me of home.

  6. The "empty" is AMAZING