Monday, December 1, 2008

Zaha Hadid does it again

Zaha Hadid's work has been widely praised and criticised and sometimes her unceasing presence in print can be overwhelming. However, I do have a soft spot for Hadid as we are both former graduates of the Inchbald School of Design. Her latest piece entitled 'Kloris’, a cluster of sculptural seating elements inspired by the shapes of flower petals, made its presence felt at Sotheby's Chatsworth Beyond the Limits exhibit 2008. When I saw Kloris displayed outdoors in the very traditional setting of Chatsworth House I felt a renewed interest and enthusiasm for her work. Whether you enjoy her projects or not Hadid's work has the status of a manifesto towards a new design language for urbanism, architecture and the world of products, but enough of that, I will let you interpret for yourself. 

Materials : Fibregalss with chrome finish
edition: 12+2 AP
Size: h: 80 w: 649 x d: 509cm

Kloris is currently accessible to the public at the Sonnenbend gallery New York.


  1. I have always appreciated Zaha's work. She is so edgy but also she really understands what a sleek and dynamic line can do.

    Congrats! on your blog Christian - your blog is really well done. We are so proud of you at Meade Design Group.

  2. Great job on the blog Christian. You seldom see her work in that type of setting, interesting. Thank you for the post.

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