Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thanks for the mention!

The christian barnard landscape blog makes Pruned new bloggers list.
If you are not already familiar with Pruned it is considered one of the worlds leading blogs on landscape architecture and related fields. On Sunday they published a series of new blogs worth following and I made their list! 

Please click the Pruned icon below to visit the post.


  1. howw thatt's a hell of a blog and a hell of a P. . . no more petite fleurs , no more jardinage ... that's an other level..

  2. Christian well done, pruned is a serious blog, you should be proud. Keep it going.

  3. Mr - You know how proud we are of you.

    You have accomplished so much in such a little time, but what I know that readers or colleagues don't know is the amount of time and effort that you put in all your work.

    This recognition is very well deserved.

    Congrats! Mr.

  4. Wow that's spectacular! Congrats!