Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Weekly Green

Progressive product of the week

60 BAG - Biodegradable shopping bag in 60 days
The 60 bag offers retailers an option to the bulky plastic and highly manufactured paper bags. The bag comes in many sizes and can be ordered to include the
customers logo.
The creative minds behind this project are product designer Katarzyna Okinczyc and photographer Remigiusz Truchanowicz. The designers goal is to offer retailers a truly ecological alternative to the traditional retail bag.
Non-woven, flax-viscose fabric, produced with flax fiber from industrial waste. The bag product can be composted or safely burnt reducing costly recycling processes.

60BAG has received a honorable mention at the Green Dot Awards


  1. That's interesting what it's made out of. My mum is always trying to make me eat flax seed LOL. Seems like there are other uses for it too.

  2. What a great idea, I always thought paper bags were an eco-friendly option but there is always something that will take it to the next level like this!

  3. I need some bags with the Meade Design Group logo.